Paddle shifters - Individual

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Do you want to have an individual set of paddle shifters? This product is for you.

Select the type of material (Aluminium, Carbon or Forged Carbon), specify the color codes (or the appropriate names of colors), tell us the color of the +/- (in case of Carbon or Forged Carbon) and the finish of the shifters – glossy or matte.

For special requests (M colors, colored Carbon Fiber, etc), please contact us through Facebook/Instagram or per Email.


Color name/code

Specify color code and finish (only with aluminium)

+/- Color

Specify the color of the +/- signs (only with Carbon or Forged Carbon Fiber)

Finish * 

Specify the finish of your shifters (glossy or matte clear coat)


We accept the following payment types: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, SOFORT and many more.

Shipping & Return

Free shipping in Germany and Austria. Free to return within 30 days.


We provide free install service for you in the vicinity of Munich, Germany.

Individual shifters

Not Just For M Cars

Our paddle shifters will work with all the F series BMW, including M and non-M versions

Raise the bar

Complete the look of your interior and take your interior to the next level

Easy installation

Frequently Asked Questions

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In case of aluminium shifters, we do offer customisation. Just tell us what color you wish to have and we’ll paint them for you. All we need is a RAL number or color code of your selected color.

Just select this shifter, and specify the color at checkout. Here.

We usually handle all orders on the same or next day. Once we receive your order, we package your product(s) and ship them to you as soon as possible, once shipped you’ll receive a tracking number so you can track your order.

We offer free shipping in Germany and if ordering 3 or more products. For costs Outside of Germany please visit our shipping methods page here.

Usually it takes around 2-4 days. We ship with DHL, DPD or UPS.

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Additional information

Installation time

5-10 Minutes


Aluminium, Carbon Fiber, Forged Carbon Fiber

Paint color

You decide


BMW 1-series F40 2019-, BMW 1-series five-door, 2011- F20, BMW 1-series three-door, 2011- F21, BMW 1-series Gran Turismo, 2014- F44, BMW 1-series Sedan F52, BMW 1-series Sedan E87 LCI, BMW 2-series, 2013- F22, BMW 2-series, 2014- F23, BMW 2-series Active Tourer, 2014- F45, BMW 2-series Gran Tourer, 2015- F46, BMW 3-series LCI E9X, BMW 3-series saloon, 2011- F30, BMW 3-series Touring, 2012- F31, BMW 3-series Gran Turismo, 2013- F34, BMW 3-series saloon 2018- G20, BMW 3-series Touring 2019- G21, BMW 4-series, 2013- F32, BMW 4-series, 2014- F33, BMW 4-series four-door coupe, 2015- F35, BMW 4-series Gran Coupe F36, BMW 4-series Coupe 2020- G22, BMW 4-series Convertible 2020- G23, BMW 5-series saloon LCI, 2010- F10, BMW 5-series Touring LCI, 2010- F11, BMW 5-series 2017- G30, BMW 5-series Touring 2017- G31, BMW 6-series convertible LCI, 2011- F12, BMW 6-series coupe LCI, 2011- F13, BMW M2 Standard/Competition F87, BMW M3 Stardard/Competition/CS F80, BMW M3 2020- G80, BMW M4 Stardard/Competition/CS/GTS F82, BMW M4 Cabrio Stardard/Competition F83, BMW M4 Coupe 2021- G82, BMW M4 Convertible 2021- G83, BMW M5 F10 LCI, BMW M5/M5 Competition F90, BMW M6 F11, BMW X1, 2015- F48, BMW X2, 2018- F47, BMW X3/X3M Competition F25/F97/G01, BMW X4/X4M Competition F26/G02, BMW X5/X5M Competition F15/F85/F95/G05, BMW X6/X6M Competition F16/F86/F96/G06, BMW 8-series Coupe 2019- G15, BMW 8-series Cabriolet G14, BMW 8-series GranCoupe 2019- G16, BMW M8/M8 Competition F91/F92/F93, BMW Z4 G29, BMW i8, Toyota Supra J29

1 review for Paddle shifters – Individual

  1. thehuthlife (verified owner)

    DE: Vorab ersteinmal vielen Dank für diese mehr als geniale Idee und der zusätzlich perfekten Umsetzung!
    Auf Anhieb verliebt in die Shifterz, einfach aus dem Grund das die Individualisierungsmöglichkeiten unfassbar sind und die Verarbeitung, sowie die Habtik einfach perfekt sind.
    Die Montage gestaltet sich etwas schwieriger als man vielleichr zu Beginn erwartet, befasst man sich jedoch genauer mit dem Thema, hat man den Dreh schnell raus und braucht maximal 20 Minuten um die alten Paddles zu demontieren und die neuen zu montieren.
    Nach nun schon 5 Wochen muss ich sagen, das ich immernoch so begeistert bin wie an Tag 1, da man keiner negativen Geräusche oder sonstiges empfindet, da die Passgenauigkeit einfach perfekt ist!
    Vielen Dank auch an den perfekten Kundenservice ab der Bestellung bis zur Montage, sowas bekommt man heutzutage selten geboten!
    Viele Grüße

    Thehuthlife x Paddleshifterz

    First of all many thanks for this more than brilliant idea and the additional perfect implementation!
    Immediately in love with the Shifterz, simply for the reason that the customization options are incredible and the workmanship, and the habtics are just perfect.
    The assembly is a bit more difficult than one might expect at the beginning, but if you look more closely at the topic, you can get the hang of it quickly and take a maximum of 20 minutes to disassemble the old paddles and mount the new ones.
    After 5 weeks now I have to say that I am still as excited as on day 1, because you do not feel any negative noises or anything, because the fit is just perfect!
    Many thanks also to the perfect customer service from ordering to installation, something you rarely get these days!
    many Greetings

    Thehuthlife x Paddleshifterz

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