Carbon fiber paddle shifters for the win

Any car enthusiast will arrive to the point where he’s eager to get some carbon fiber parts for their cars, no matter what it takes, they need to have that. 

We had the same issue. Carbon fiber looks amazing, and feels great to touch.

There is a saying for colors:

Once you go black, you never go

The same applies to Carbon fiber as well, once you got to see one in person, you never want to have anything else.

It wasn’t easy for us either, once we started gaining more views, followers on Instagram more and more people started asking for Carbon fiber paddle shifters, when they will be available for their BMWs … That’s when we started looking into this topic more and more, to find the right company that could help us to produce the best looking carbon fiber shifters there are.

That’s when we came across a company called: Faserschmiede Carbonmanufaktur, a german company that works with carbon fiber producing parts for the automotive industry.

Thanks their professional service, we were able to create the first prototypes, which came out amazing for the first try and we immediately started working on making more and more.

We are taking pre-orders on these shifters, if you like to get a pair, make sure to place your order today, we have limited sets available. Shipping starts end of August.

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