Aluminium paddle shifters - Gloss Red

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We have created something truly exceptional. We combined our unique design with the best materials available. That’s why we started our journey with these beautiful yet fully functional paddle shifters to enhance the driving feel in your automatic vehicle. No extra screws or glues needed.

A set of aluminum paddle shifters for BMW E, F and G Series, supporting standard and M models. Our shifters are made out of 6061-grade aircraft aluminium using CNC machining, powder coated to gloss red.

They are 55% bigger than the OEM ones you get in your BMWs. Our paddle shifters provide more shifting area for a better daily drive or for your track days like on the Nordschleife (Nürburgring). We have designed these shifters keeping one main thing in mind, the ease of use, we wanted a set of shifters that not only look amazing, but you can use them from every angle to shift through the gears. They are direct replacements to your original paddle shifters, you don’t need any extra glues or screws.

Installation is easy, we would rate the difficulty to a 3 out of 10. But if you don’t like working on your vehicle, or not comfortable with it, you can visit your local tuning shop/garage, a BMW dealer or get in touch with one of our partners, that you can find here.

Was im Paket enthalten ist:
- 2 x Schaltwippen (Links und Rechts)
– 6061 Aluminium, CNC Machined
– Powder coated in Gloss Red
– +/- removed by CNC machine

Technische Daten


FINISH: Gloss Red (Powder coated)

MATERIAL: Aluminum

The only shifters you will ever need.

Verbessern Sie den Innenraum Ihres Fahrzeugs

Schauen Sie sich unsere Schaltwippen an, die in verschiedenen BMWs eingebaut sind.

Einfache Installation

Nur ein paar Schritte von Ihrem erfrischten Interieur entfernt. Schwierigkeit: 3/10.

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Questions we usually get, if you have an additional one, get in touch with us.

Bei Aluminium-Schaltwippen bieten wir Anpassungen an. Sagen Sie uns einfach welche Farbe Sie haben möchten und wir malen sie für Sie. Wir benötigen lediglich eine RAL-Nummer oder einen Farbcode Ihrer ausgewählten Farbe.

Wählen Sie einfach diesen Shifter aus und geben Sie die Farbe an der Kasse an. Hier.

Normalerweise bearbeiten wir alle Bestellungen am selben oder nächsten Tag. Sobald wir Ihre Bestellung erhalten haben, verpacken wir Ihre Produkte und versenden sie so schnell wie möglich. Nach dem Versand erhalten Sie eine Tracking-Nummer, mit der Sie Ihre Bestellung verfolgen können.

Usually it takes around 2-7 days (depending on location/distance). We ship with UPS.

The installation process is honestly not so scary as it may seem like. But if you rather had someone else install them you can get in touch with one of our partners (list of partners here) or have them installed in your favorite dealership/garage.

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BMW 1-series 2011- E82, BMW 1-series 2019- F40, BMW 1-series five-door 2011- F20, BMW 1-series Gran Turismo 2014- F44, BMW 1-series Sedan E87 LCI, BMW 1-series Sedan F52, BMW 1-series three-door 2011- F21, BMW 2-series 2013- F22, BMW 2-series 2014- F23, BMW 2-series Active Tourer 2014- F45, BMW 2-series Gran Tourer 2015- F46, BMW 3-series Gran Turismo 2013- F34, BMW 3-series LCI E9X, BMW 3-series saloon 2011- F30, BMW 3-series saloon 2018- G20, BMW 3-series Touring 2012- F31, BMW 3-series Touring 2019- G21, BMW 4-series 2013- F32, BMW 4-series 2014- F33, BMW 4-series Convertible 2020- G23, BMW 4-series Coupe 2020- G22, BMW 4-series four-door coupe 2015- F35, BMW 4-series Gran Coupe F36, BMW 5-series 2017- G30, BMW 5-series saloon LCI 2010- F10, BMW 5-series Touring 2017- G31, BMW 5-series Touring LCI 2010- F11, BMW 6-series convertible LCI 2011- F12, BMW 6-series coupe LCI 2011- F13, BMW 7 Series G11, BMW 8-series Cabriolet G14, BMW 8-series Coupe 2019- G15, BMW 8-series GranCoupe 2019- G16, BMW i8, BMW M2 Standard/Competition/CS F87, BMW M3 2020- G80, BMW M3 Standard/Competition/CS F80, BMW M4 Cabrio Standard/Competition F83, BMW M4 Convertible 2021- G83, BMW M4 Coupe 2021- G82, BMW M4 Standard/Competition/CS/GTS F82, BMW M5 F10 LCI, BMW M5 Standard/Competition F90, BMW M6 F11, BMW M8/M8 Competition F91/F92/F93, BMW X1 2015- F48, BMW X2 2018- F47, BMW X3/X3M Competition F25/F97/G01, BMW X4/X4M Competition F26/G02, BMW X5/X5M Competition F15/F85/F95/G05, BMW X6/X6M Competition F16/F86/F96/G06, BMW Z4 G29, Toyota Supra J29

4 Bewertungen für Aluminium paddle shifters – Gloss Red

  1. Giulia Moretto (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    The paddles are perfect and works really well!!
    Very easy to install.

  2. Kyle (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    I love these paddles so much, so glad I found them on Instagram, you guys should do more marketing, cause I think it was by accident that I found them.
    But daaaamn, I mean :O Installation took a bit longer for me, first time I “touched my car”, but was easy as on the video, just took a bit more time to remove the airbag. After that it was piece of cake. I went for the Melbourne Red ones cause that’s the exterior color of my car, so it matches perfectly.
    Thanks guys.

  3. Brian Geiger (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    Beautiful craftsmanship!!! The shifters are well packaged. Arrived very quickly to the US. The install was very easy. The Install video is excellent.
    I love how smooth the shifts are now In my M2C. I was surprised at how much better these paddles feel.
    The larger paddles make it easier to grab a gear when cornering hot. The shifters really set the interior of my M2C off too. Incredible product, awesome company!!! Don’t hesitate, buy shifters from this company. Fantastic product!!!

  4. Dr. Petr Kolařík (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    Shifterz are awesome!!!
    Easy to install and perfectly fits even on my short fingers. Best mod on my car.

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