New Shifterz release: For F4X , F9X and G Series BMWs

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Aluminium Paddle Shifters - BMW E9X M3 | E70 X5M | E71 X6M

$ 224,96


A set of aluminum paddle shifters for the following vehicles: BMW E9X M3 | BMW E70 X5M and the BMW E71 X6M (for the M-DCT Transmission). Our shifters are made out of 6061-grade aircraft aluminium using CNC machining.

They are 60% bigger than the original ones you get in your BMW vehicle, providing more shifting area for a better daily drive or for your track days like on the Nordschleife (Nürburgring). We have designed these shifters in a way that it helps you to shift more comfortably through the gears and enjoy that V8 powering through each corner.

You have the ability to choose the color of the +/- of your shifters from 3 different colors: white, red and blue. So you can match your interior accents such as the stitching, start/stop button, cage, etc.

Installation is super easy, we will soon include an install guide for you.


PROCESS: CNC Sculpturally Machined

FINISH: Matte black (Powder coated)

MATERIAL: Aluminum

The only shifters you will ever need.

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The installation process is honestly not so scary as it may seem like. But if you rather had someone else install them you can get in touch with one of our partners (list of partners here) or have them installed in your favorite dealership/garage.

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Additional information

Installation time

10-20 Minutes

Paint color

Matte Black



Supported vehicles

E70 X5M, E71 X6M, E90 M3, E92 M3, E93 M3

Color of +/-

Blue, No color, Red, White


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