Launching our new extended paddle shifters with 4 colors

On May 23rd 2018 we launched our website with 4 initial colors (spoiler: more to come). We spent hours, days, weeks and even months to create probably the best looking shifters that not even look cool but feel great in your hands.

We started with the basics, opened up our favorite 3D design tool and started iterating our design ideas. Started with the basic one, mimicing the original paddle shifters that BMW offers in the standard F series.

Standard BMW paddle shifters in a F30 BMW

Once we got it working, we went on and gone crazy with designing these shifters. The final version that we went with took 4-5 iterations and a ton of 3D printing hours just to make the shifters perfect. It was important for us, not only to create a shifter that is longer/taller than the original one, but it is awesome to look at and feels good in your hands.

What makes our paddle shifters special is that you can replace your original ones with ours without adding any special part or making adjustments. If you drive an M car it is a direct replacement, if you drive a non M car, it is also a direct replacement, plug and play install.

Check out our install video to see how easy it is to install them

See install video

It was important for us that we are not only supporting the M cars (M2/M3/M4/M5/M6/X5M/X6M) as they always seem to get the most epic stuff from suppliers, but to think about all models of the F series and offer our products to all of them.

Our supported BMWs:

Almost all E/F and G series BMW, for more information visit: BMW Paddle Shifters page

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