Custom made aluminium paddle shifters for a very special car – BMW M3 GT4

PaddleShifterz custom made M power BMW paddle shifters BMW F80 M3 GT4 nurburgring edition 3 schaltwippen

Everything starts with one simple yet crazy idea. Lets take our Aluminium Matte Silver paddle shifters and spice them up a bit. From this idea we created something truly amazing and added them to the right vehicle.

Many of you know the Nürburgring Nordschleife in Germany, the most amazing racetrack in the world, with over 20km length and 73 turns, one of the hardest tracks to master.

This beautiful racetrack gives home to this amazingly built BMW F80 M3 GT4, fully caged, with a lot of carbon fiber parts, fully prepared for the track.

We contacted Stefan, the owner of this beast to test our aluminium paddle shifters, but we wanted to spice it up a notch and provide a truly matching shifters for his car. That’s when we have created the “Nürburgring Edition” Aluminium paddle shifters. This set is still a 1 of 1, but soon we will come out with a limited set, so all Nürburgring fans can enjoy.

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