We have redesigned our paddle shifters

At PaddleShifterz PS UG, driving isn’t just a means of transportation; it’s a passion and an art. We believe in pushing boundaries and redefining the driving experience. That’s why we are happy to announce that we have refreshed the design of our aluminum paddle shifters. A Seamless Blend of Form and Function:Crafted with meticulous attention […]

Top 10 products you need for your G81 M3 Touring

The new G81 M3 Touring is BMW’s latest addition to its high-performance M series lineup. As the first-ever M3 Touring model, it promises to combine the exhilarating driving dynamics of the M3 sedan with the practicality and versatility of a wagon. With a powerful engine, precision-tuned suspension, and aggressive M-design elements, the G81 M3 Touring […]

Top 5 BMW Products you need for your BMW i4 G26

The BMW i4 G26 has taken the electric vehicle (EV) market by storm with its stunning design, impressive performance, and advanced technological features. If you’re a proud owner of the BMW i4 G26 or planning to join the electric revolution, you’ll want to enhance your driving experience with some fantastic accessories and upgrades. In this […]

paddleshifterz bmw f30 330d alcantara steering wheel with aluminium red paddle shifters 4

Aluminium gloss red paddle shifters in a BMW F30

Every BMW, MINI, Volkswagen, Toyota… and basically every car with an automatic gearbox and paddle shifters from factory, needs to have their interior spiced up. Like in this case this BMW F30 330d, getting a set of aluminium red paddle shifters and other M Performance parts. Alcantara steering wheel The first obvious choice to upgrade […]

Paddle Shifters – The New Manual Transmission

It is no secret that the manual transmission has been on the decline over the past decades. What was once an abundant option has now been relegated to only a few new models. With automatic transmissions getting better at maintaining optimum revs and shift times, automatics have become the better performing option for the most […]


Working closely with BMW

Many of our customers requested more good quality products for their BMWs and MINIs, and what could have better fitment and quality than the products made by the company that makes these cars. Since April 2021, we started working with several resellers of BMW parts, but we always knew we had to create a better, […]

Frankenstein’s M2 would look like this?

It is not your typical BMW M2 with the good sounding N55 engine, it is something else, and by something I mean a proper neck-breaker. This isn’t just a white M2 that you take a single look at and carry on with your life, this BMW requires multiple looks and it’s guaranteed you won’t believe […]


Paddle Shifters for Toyota Supra MK5 (A90/A91) owners

Happy to announce that PaddleShifterz is now officially supporting all Toyota Supra MK5 owners. Our recently released paddle shifters for BMW F4X/F9X and G Series are now available also for all A90/A91 customers. As for BMW vehicles, all of our aluminium and carbon fiber variants are available for Toyota Supra owners from today on. Aluminium […]

New Carbon Fiber Paddle Shifters for F4X/F9X and G Series BMW

Back in June 2020, we have decided it was time to step up the “game” and create our second carbon fiber paddle shifter products after having so many satisfied customers. Our previous carbon fiber shifters were designed for the F series BMWs in the first place, but fit very nicely to the new BMW steering […]

Individual Grigio Medio Paddle Shifters for BMW M4

Another special and beautiful color for a BMW M4 customer with guess what an individual exterior color. A very unique but stunning color: Grigio Medio. Such a crazy color, that will for sure pop in the interior. If you also liked to order your own individual shifters, either carbon/forged carbon fiber or aluminium, make sure […]

Individual Carbon Fiber paddle shifters with Sakhir Orange accents

Since we released the option to individualise any carbon fiber or aluminium paddle shifters in our selected, customers have chosen many different colors and finishes. So did one of our customers from USA, who ordered a carbon fiber set and requested the + and – accents to be matched to the exterior color of his […]

BMW M3CS Color with a glossy finish – aluminium paddle shifters

Since we have launched our option to individualise our shifters, customers have came up with various colors and finishes. This one has to be one of the unique ones. This color started out its journey as the launch color of the BMW M3CS. Official name: Frozen Dark Blue II, a very unique color, finished off […]

Fitting BMW M2 Competition (or M4) seats into a BMW F30

Regular 3 (or F in general) Series seats are not comfortable, and they don’t look good. That’s a fact. Most of the non M vehicles owners want to get a little piece of that ///M pie by either putting M badges on their cars, M grills, hoods, etc. (While those are some ricey mods, well […]

Forged Carbon Paddle Shifters with gold accents

We are always working on improving our products and coming up new ideas. These sometimes come from our customers or from our fans from our social media (Instagram and Facebook). In this particular example, this idea came from a fan from Instagram, who requested a set of gold carbon fiber paddle shifters for his M3.At […]


Learn how to install our paddle shifters in your G series BMW

Check out our video we did how to install your new paddle shifters. Shown in a BMW G21. Sale! Carbon Fiber paddle shifters for F/G Series (Pre order) € 399,00 € 359,00 Pre-Order Now Aluminium paddle shifters for F/G Series – Gloss Red € 239,00 Select options Aluminium paddle shifters for F/G Series – Matte Black € 239,00 Select […]

Custom made aluminium paddle shifters for a very special car – BMW M3 GT4

Everything starts with one simple yet crazy idea. Lets take our Aluminium Matte Silver paddle shifters and spice them up a bit. From this idea we created something truly amazing and added them to the right vehicle. Many of you know the Nürburgring Nordschleife in Germany, the most amazing racetrack in the world, with over […]

Launching our new extended paddle shifters with 4 colors

On May 23rd 2018 we launched our website with 4 initial colors (spoiler: more to come). We spent hours, days, weeks and even months to create probably the best looking shifters that not even look cool but feel great in your hands. We started with the basics, opened up our favorite 3D design tool and […]