Every BMW, MINI, Volkswagen, Toyota… and basically every car with an automatic gearbox and paddle shifters from factory, needs to have their interior spiced up. Like in this case this BMW F30 330d, getting a set of aluminium red paddle shifters and other M Performance parts.

Alcantara steering wheel

The first obvious choice to upgrade the interior of you vehicle is the steering wheel. You have many options, you can obviously go all in and get an alcantara steering wheel with race display, you know the one that has that small display at the top and shows you when to shift gears. But if you don’t want to go all in, you can also get a M Performance alcantara steering wheel from BMW and replace it with the one in your vehicle. Alternatively, you can remove your own steering wheel and send it to a specialist who can reupholster it for you. This is what we did with our steering wheel, sent it out to mylenkrad.de and received it back within a week.

paddleshifterz bmw f30 330d alcantara steering wheel with aluminium red paddle shifters 2

Time for some shifters – aluminium red paddle shifters

Once you have that, you can start going further down the rabbit hole and buy the next items. 😉 Now you have the proper steering wheel, that looks amazing and feels even better, giving you more confident on those curvy roads, it is time to look for a new set of paddle shifters. It doesn’t matter which one of our paddle shifters you choose, you won’t regret that decision. 100% guarantee.

We do offer a variety of paddle shifters, in aluminium, carbon fiber and even in forged carbon carbon, but one thing is certain, you can use them wherever you want, at the top, at the bottom, or just shift in the middle, doesn’t matter, they will work every time. We engineered them, and did a lot of R&D, to make them not only look beautiful but to also work 100% of the time.

In this particular F30, since the color theme was already given, we had to go with our aluminium red paddle shifters to match the 12 hour marking on the steering wheel and the red stitching.

paddleshifterz bmw f30 330d alcantara steering wheel with aluminium red paddle shifters 3

All the small details

But obviously we didn’t stop there, we got the alcantara steering wheel with red 12 hour mark, red stitching and the red paddle shifters, now it was time to spice things up and add the carbon fiber M Performance steering wheel trim, just like in the F87 M2, and a few other bits.

Like the carbon fiber and alcantara handbrake with individual red stitching and the armrest – which in this case still the original – but reupholstered with red stitching, to match the rest of the interior.

And as a last piece, we also added the gearbox trim in carbon fiber, and the cover for the gear selector, also in carbon fiber.

paddleshifterz bmw f30 330d alcantara steering wheel with aluminium red paddle shifters 1 1