Top 5 BMW Products you need for your BMW i4 G26

The BMW i4 G26 has taken the electric vehicle (EV) market by storm with its stunning design, impressive performance, and advanced technological features. If you’re a proud owner of the BMW i4 G26 or planning to join the electric revolution, you’ll want to enhance your driving experience with some fantastic accessories and upgrades. In this blog post, we’ll unveil the top five most sought after products that will take your BMW i4 G26 to the next level. From stylish exterior enhancements to cutting-edge interior gadgets, these products are must-haves for any BMW i4 G26 enthusiast.

1. Original BMW i4 G26 black badge – M50 – 51145A63543


    2. Original BMW i4 G26 black badge – I4 – 51145A63542

    PaddleShifterz Original BMW i4 G26 black badge - I4 51 14 5 A63 5421

    3. OEM BMW M Performance Gear shifter with Alcantara – G Series – 61315A40306

    4. OEM M Performance Carbon/Alcantara Interior Trim Kit for LCI vehicles with the big display – 51 95 5 A42 425, 51 95 5 A42 429

    5. OEM M Performance Armrest Alcantara – G Series – 51165A5D595-51165A5D596

    5+1. OEM BMW M Performance Carbon Fiber Door Sill Trims – 51472472520

    The complete collection of Original BMW products we currently offer for the BMW i4 G26 can be found here.