It is not your typical BMW M2 with the good sounding N55 engine, it is something else, and by something I mean a proper neck-breaker. This isn’t just a white M2 that you take a single look at and carry on with your life, this BMW requires multiple looks and it’s guaranteed you won’t believe your eyes.


The owner wanted to create a special car, and sure he did a great job. This M2 is running on KW suspension (of course), Edelweiss wheels, wrapped in Michelin tires and has almost every carbon piece available, starting from a carbon hood till the M Performance carbon fiber trunk. Front and rear bumpers are painted in Laguna Seca Blue.

BMW M Performance steering wheel with race display, and PaddleShifterz aluminium matte black paddle shifters

The interior has been also upgraded with some proper products, both from BMW and from us.

It has an OEM BMW M Performance steering wheel with race display, OEM BMW M Performance Carbon fiber steering wheel trim and our aluminium matte black paddle shifters.

But don’t you worry, this project – so as many other – not finished yet. 😉 What do you guys think about his build?