Paddle Shifters for Toyota Supra MK5 (A90/A91) owners

Happy to announce that PaddleShifterz is now officially supporting all Toyota Supra MK5 owners. Our recently released paddle shifters for BMW F4X/F9X and G Series are now available also for all A90/A91 customers.

As for BMW vehicles, all of our aluminium and carbon fiber variants are available for Toyota Supra owners from today on.

Aluminium paddle shifters

We are happy to announce that we offer them in 3 different aluminium finishes: matte black, matte silver and gloss red. These paddle shifters are CNC machined, sand blasted and powder coated to achieve the final look. Additionally we also offer the option to have them painted in any color possible, like we have done so for our other products. We have already painted a lot of shifters into different colors ranging from San Marino Blue to Twilight Purple, can’t wait to see what colors Supra owners will come up with.

Individual Aluminium paddle shifters painted in Portimao Blue

Carbon Fiber paddle shifters

And of course, our carbon fiber version. They are made by using aluminium moulds and Autoclave to achieve the perfect finish and to be as light as possible. And when I say light, I really mean it, we recently did a video where we compared the OEM BMW/Supra plastic shifters on a simple kitchen scale:

OEM Shifters: 33g / side

PaddleShifterz Carbon Fiber shifters: 32g / side (even though they are significantly larger)

Interested in a tutorial?

You can watch the install video that Bros FOURR Speed did for us on their Youtube channel:

See our paddle shifters for Toyota Supra MK5 (A90, A91):