BMW M4CS with our Carbon fiber paddle shifters

We love F series BMWs but there is one particular model that is one of our favorites: the M4. So when BMW released the sportier version of the beautiful F82 – the M4 CS – our heart started pumping harder.

Social media is a beautiful place, you can find so many crazy builds and some cleans, like this BMW M4CS. The owner of this masterpiece is @gotchuckz from California.

Since a few weeks he is now a proud owner of our Carbon Fiber Paddle Shifterz with white +/- to match the exterior color and keep his build even “cleaner”.

He also has the full carbon fiber interior package, steering wheel trim in carbon fiber, gear shifter and gear shifter trim.

Do you have a clean or extreme build (BMW or MINI)? Let us know, send us an email or a message via Facebook or Instagram.