BMW M3CS Color with a glossy finish – aluminium paddle shifters

Since we have launched our option to individualise our shifters, customers have came up with various colors and finishes.

This one has to be one of the unique ones. This color started out its journey as the launch color of the BMW M3CS. Official name: Frozen Dark Blue II, a very unique color, finished off with a matte clear coat to give it that “frozen look”. This paint is a spectacular, a metallic paint with a lot of particles.

Source: BimmerToday

It is a bit similar to the glossy alternative: San Marino Blue, at first glance the only thing you notice is its frozen finish.

We have recently received a request from one of our customers, who loved this paint, but wanted to spice it up a bit, and rather going with the standard matte finish – this paint was originally created with – he wanted to have it finished with a glossy clear coat.

Since we don’t say no to anything (almost anything), we took this “challenge” and created one set for him and the result turned out to be amazing. Check out the gallery below.

If you also like to have an individual set of paddle shifters for your BMW, simply send us a message via Email, Facebook or Instagram and we will make sure to find you the proper color and finish.

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