BMW meeting in Aschheim - paddle shifters

1. International BMW Meeting München

Had an amazing time today with a lot of BMWs parked up next to each other in Aschheim, Germany, in the parking lot of an outdoor cinema. The cinema’s parking area was filled up pretty quickly, once we got there at around 11am, just 1 hour after the official opening. Entry was pretty quick and easy as there weren’t any cars ahead of us, just rolled in, payed for the entry fee (15€). After parking

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Launching our new extended paddle shifters with 4 colors

On May 23rd 2018 we launched our website with 4 initial colors (spoiler: more to come). We spent hours, days, weeks and even months to create probably the best looking shifters that not even look cool but feel great in your hands. We started with the basics, opened up our favorite 3D design tool and started iterating our design ideas. Started with the basic one, mimicing the original paddle shifters that BMW offers in the

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