paddleshifterz steering wheel interior bundles cover photo


We have created the following bundles for you to spice up the interior of your vehicle to match your paddle shifters with OEM BMW M Performance steering wheel trims.

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  • paddleshifterz bmw m2 n55 paddle shifters m performance steering wheel
    includes 266.48 € (19% VAT DE)
  • bundle paddleshifterz carbon fiber paddle shifters and m performance carbon fiber steering wheel trim m5
    includes 107.49 € (19% VAT DE)
  • paddleshifterz bmw m performance carbon fiber steering wheel trim and paddle shifters 1
    includes 94.55 € (19% VAT DE)
  • bundle paddleshifterz bmw aluminium gloss red shifters and carbon fiber m performance trim
    includes 93.12 € (19% VAT DE)