Carbon Fiber paddle shifters for F/G Series (Pre order)

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This is a set of PaddleShifterz Carbon Fiber paddle shifters for the G Series Steering wheel. They are a full replacement to your OEM shifters in your vehicle. Manufactured using the highest quality carbon fiber, using a molding process which results in the lightest possible product while keeping the strength and rigidity. These paddle shifters – like our other carbon fiber shifters – are full carbon fiber products, meaning they are manufactured using pre-preg carbon fiber and separate aluminium molds for the top and bottom half of the shifters which then glued together with a smooth seam at the edges to make a perfect product.

We have kept two things in mind while developing these shifters:
1. They had to look amazing, since you spend quite a lot of time behind your steering wheel, it needs to look great.
2. Ergonomics, since they should not only look good but work as expected. We have designed them in a way that they work better than the OEM shifters, no matter where you use them.

Enhance the interior of your vehicle

See them installed


PROCESS: Molding

FINISH: Gloss clear coat

MATERIAL: Pre-preg Carbon Fiber

HEIGHT: 148 mm (54% larger than OEM)

Compatible vehicles

BMW 1 Series (2019+, F40)
BMW 2 Series (2020+, F44)
BMW 3 Series (2018+, G20, G21)
BMW 4 Series (2020+, G22, G23, G26)
BMW 5 Series (2017+, G30, G31)
BMW 7 Series (2015+, G11, G12)
BMW 8 Series (2018+, G14, G15, G16)
BMW M3 Competition (2021+, G80, G81)
BMW M4 Competition (2021+, G82)
BMW M5/M5 Competition (2017+, F90, F90 LCI)
BMW M8 Competition (2018+, F91, F92, F93)
BMW X3/X3M Competition (2017+, G01, F97)
BMW X4/X4M Competition (2018+, G02, F98)
BMW X5/X5M Competition (2019+, G05, F95)
BMW X6/X6M Competition (2019+, G06, F96)
BMW X7 (2019+, G07)
BMW Z4 G29

The only shifters you will ever need.

Easy installation

Just a few steps away from your refreshed interior. Difficulty: 3/10.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to ship my order?

We ship your order the same day (if arrives before 3PM CET) or the next day. We use UPS to ship our products worldwide. Usually, it takes around 1-7 days.

How much does the shipping cost?

Please visit our shipping methods page here.

I’m afraid to install them, do you have partners to get them install at?

The installation process is honestly not so scary as it may seem like, we have prepared a video to show you how it is done, you can watch it (here). But if you rather had someone else install them you can get in touch with one of our partners (list of partners here) or have them installed in your favorite dealership/garage.

Can I pay via Bank Transfer?

Yes, bank transfer as payment method is also supported. Simply select that option at checkout, and place your order. On the next page you’ll see our bank details, you will also receive this information via email.

Does it affect my warranty or my lease?

No, absolutely not. In fact, if you ask your BMW dealer to install them for you, they will certainly help you out. We had many customers who had leased vehicles or ones still under warranty and got them installed at a local BMW Dealership. Without any issues.

Got more questions?

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Additional information



Installation time

5-10 Minutes


Carbon Fiber

Color of +/-

Red, White


1 series – F40, 2 series – F44, 3 series – G20/G21, 3 series – G80 – M3 Competition, 4 series – G22/G23, 4 series – G82/G83 – M4 Competition, 5 series – F90 – M5 Competition LCI, 5 series – F90 – M5 Standard/Competition, 5 series – G30/G31, 6 series – G32, 7 Series – G11/G12, 8 series – G14/G15/G16, 8 series – F91/F92/F93 – M8 Competition, X series – F95 – X5M Competition, X series – F96 – X6M Competition, X series – F97 – X3M Competition, X series – F98 – X4M Competition, X series – G01 – X3, X series – G02 – X4, X series – G05 – X5, X series – G06 – X6, X series – G07 – X7, Z series – G29 – Z4


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