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Aluminium paddle shifters for F/G Series and Supra – Matte Black

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This is a set of PaddleShifterz Aluminium Matte Black paddle shifters for the G Series Steering wheel. They are a full replacement to your OEM shifters in your vehicle. Finished in matte black elevating the look of your vehicle’s interior to the next level.

We have kept two things in mind while developing these shifters:
1. They had to look amazing, since you spend quite a lot of time behind your steering wheel, it needs to look great.
2. Ergonomics, since they should not only look good but work as expected. We have designed them in a way that they work better than the OEM shifters, no matter where you use them.

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2 reviews for Aluminium paddle shifters for F/G Series and Supra – Matte Black

  1. Vince (verified owner)

    I simply love these shifters. Soooo much better than the OEM ones. This feels solid, made of aluminium so it has that nice metal feel to it. It’s a small thing, but makes the driving so much better, have it installed in my M340i, took about 15 mins, thanks for the great product and service!

  2. David (verified owner)

    Transforms shifting . Great design, cast connector block instead of the usual cheap plastic. Crisp shifting compared to the mushy stock experience. Perfect size and weight

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This product can be fitted to the following vehicles:

BMW 1 Series (2019+, F40) BMW 2 Series (2020+, F44, G42) BMW 3 Series (2018+, G20, G21) BMW 4 Series (2020+, G22, G23, G26) BMW 5 Series (2017+, G30, G31) BMW 7 Series (2015+, G11, G12) BMW 8 Series (2018+, G14, G15, G16) BMW M2 (2022+, G87) BMW M3 Competition (2021+, G80, G81) BMW M4 Competition (2021+, G82, G83) BMW M5/M5 Competition (2017+, F90) BMW M8 Competition (2018+, F91, F92, F93) BMW X3/X3M Competition (2017+, G01, F97) BMW X4/X4M Competition (2018+, G02, F98) BMW X5/X5M Competition (2019+, G05, F95) BMW X6/X6M Competition (2019+, G06, F96) BMW X7 (2019+, G07) BMW Z4 G29 Toyota Supra A9X (MK5)

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